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How students save taxes: Tips for part-time jobs
How students save taxes: Tips for part-time jobs

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Many aspiring academics work alongside their studies. If earnings and time limits are limited, the tax authorities and social security funds are reluctant.

The part-time job is an important source of income for many students. Anyone who has an employment contract for a temporary job does not pay social security contributions. The amount of earnings does not matter. Prerequisite: The job is limited to two months or 50 working days.


Anyone who does not earn more than 450 euros a month as a mini-jobber does not pay any taxes and only a small contribution to the pension insurance. The employer pays a flat rate to social security including a contribution to the pension. If you earn more than 450 euros per month in your part-time job, but work a maximum of 20 hours per week, no contributions to health, nursing and unemployment insurance are due. You and your employer each pay 9.45 percent of gross earnings to your pension scheme. With earnings in the so-called sliding zone (450.01 - 850 euros), employees generally only pay a reduced proportion of employees in social security. Further information at and in the free brochure "Tips for students: working and studying": online at


* in the commercial sector Source: Deutsche Rentenversicherung

Advantages: Mini-jobs have been subject to compulsory insurance in pension insurance since 2013. The mini jobber only pays a small part of the insurance. You can get rid of it. However, you acquire full contribution periods for the pension and are directly eligible for the Riester pension.

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