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Inheritance: clever use of money blessings
Inheritance: clever use of money blessings

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Assets can be transferred in a tax-saving manner. This helps to debt-free your home or increase its value.

Spouses and registered partners as well as children generally do not pay inheritance tax on inherited home ownership - regardless of the value of the property. Requirements: You live in it yourself for at least 10 years - and the testator also used the property himself at the time of death. In addition, they receive allowances for the further inheritance, for example for financial assets.

Repay credit

Many a property owner who pays off their own home will want to use the money blessing to repay their loan debts. Check whether your loan contract allows this special repayment. If not, your bank or savings bank will request a prepayment penalty for early repayment of the debt. Home savers have the advantage: You can make special repayments at any time on home savings contracts.

Invest wisely

If you want to avoid prepayment penalty, you save your inherited money and pay off the remaining debt as soon as the fixed interest rate on the mortgage loan expires. For example, you can invest the money in a home loan savings contract and secure yourself permanently low interest rates. Anyone who relies on the Wohnriester building society savings will benefit from state allowances and possible tax benefits.

Talk to your LBS or Sparkasse advisor to find out which strategy pays off for you. Make an appointment in advance.

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