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Sparkasse customers pay with their smartphones
Sparkasse customers pay with their smartphones
Video: Sparkasse customers pay with their smartphones
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Savings banks are now offering mobile payments. Customers who have an Android cell phone with NFC technology can pay bills in restaurants, supermarkets etc. with their smartphone.

How would you like to pay, in cash or by card? Many Sparkasse customers have a new answer to the everyday question at the supermarket checkout: I pay with my cell phone! The Sparkassen recently launched their smartphone payment system. To pay an invoice, you simply hold your smartphone to the card terminal and the payment process is completed in a few seconds. Amounts under 25 euros do not even require a PIN. This already works at all cash registers that master the so-called NFC radio standard.

Pay with your mobile phone - this is how the technology works

Around 75 percent of all POS terminals in Germany are already equipped with an NFC interface (NFC stands for Near Field Communication). Devices exchange encrypted data at a distance of a few centimeters. Every smartphone payment is debited from the customer's account like a conventional card payment. The savings banks have 45 million checking cards in circulation, and all of them can be used for mobile payments. All 385 savings banks in Germany are gradually offering this new service; all adult savings bank customers can use it. If you want to pull out your cell phone at the cash register, you need online banking access and an NFC-compatible smartphone with the Android operating system (from version 5.0). The Sparkassen app "Mobile Payments", which meets high security standards, is installed on the mobile phone and the account details are entered there. You can already go shopping without a wallet.

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