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Water veins and earth rays - a matter of faith or not
Water veins and earth rays - a matter of faith or not

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Water veins, earth rays - reality or esoteric humbug? Not so easy to say. Many people seem to be sensitive to certain physical phenomena that cannot be scientifically proven. Talented dowsing roders can help afflicted sufferers, while there are undoubtedly many scammers. Read our overview of the topic and form your own opinion.

Do you sleep restless and feel tired? Maybe your bed in the bedroom is on a water vein and is therefore disturbed by earth rays? It is said that it is very easy to find out whether this is the case: You take your smartphone, download a special tool with a compass function - and you can use it to track down earth rays and water veins: the compass needle jumps and shows where they are in your apartment what gives you sleepless nights.

Not convinced? Skepticism is justified. Because even more than with the topic of electrosmog, self-proclaimed experts and consultants abound in the matter of water veins and earth rays, who shield, deflect, reverse polarize or neutralize harmful rays with aids such as a "harmonizer" for apartment and house (which only consists of a real wood cube) want. There are anti-interference mats, organic wafers, special cork floors, energy cones and antennas - all of which are supposedly suitable for eliminating the dangerous effects of water veins and earth rays.

Be skeptical of phenomena such as water veins

Tristan Jorde from the Hamburg Consumer Center already considers the terminology to be not very serious: “There is water in the ground almost everywhere. But what is supposed to be a vein - no idea what it means.”That is why he is skeptical whether health problems such as sleep disorders can actually be traced back to such phenomena - even if he believes it is entirely possible that certain people can respond to physical conditions such as Water in the soil is more sensitive than others: "There are people with sensitivities that we cannot interpret directly - this does not automatically lead to the conclusion that this sensitivity does not exist."

Detectable natural radiation versus earth rays and “grid lines”

This type of earth rays should not be confused with the natural radiation of the earth. It is a scientifically proven natural emission from radionuclides and their decay products that occur in the soil and rocks of the earth's crust. The term “earth rays”, which are more likely to be located in the esoteric environment, is intended to explain phenomena that should arise through water veins, faults and various grids around the earth and that can be detected by particularly talented people (“radio aesthetes”). To date, however, this has not been scientifically proven. This also applies to the existence of “grid lines” which are said to span the earth - the curry grid, the Benker cube system or the Hartmann grid. Where grid lines or nodes intersect with other nets, water veins, quarries, etc., harmful rays are said to emanate, which are manifested in nervousness, insomnia, frequent infections and the like.

A radiesthet with a dowsing rod or a pendulum is said to be able to recognize these spots. A measurement method that meets scientific requirements has not yet been developed - the existence of these phenomena remains controversial. Also controversial is the question of whether they can have an impact on health, for example by taking the disturbed zones into account when furnishing the apartment or using materials to shield them. This is where simple trial and error and subjective feelings help.

Find water veins with the divining rod

Nevertheless, there is also evidence for serious building parties that sensitive people can find water resources with the divining rod. Building biologist Jörg Ließem points out that wells for agriculture were previously sought in this way. Architect Thomas Gramlich was also amazed when the supply line for the house connection listed in the plan could not be found as shown in the plan. A head hole had been unsuccessfully dug into the asphalt three times when the utility company's construction coordinator briefly rummaged in his car. "Then he showed up with a divining rod. So he found the drinking water pipe in no time at all,”says Gramlich. Verifiable or not: What is certain is that many people believe in water veins and earth rays - and belief not only moves mountains, but, as is well known, also beds.

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