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Generation volunteering: We help
Generation volunteering: We help

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Under the motto “voluntarily. Make a difference!”The European Year of Volunteering for Volunteers wants to give new impetus.

Their unselfish commitment, indispensable in many areas, is one of the main pillars of our community: well every third over fourteen years supports the common good free of charge, that is 23 million people. Ten percent of them are committed to the area of ​​“sport and exercise”, mostly in clubs. Numerous volunteers (7 percent each) also work in kindergartens, schools, the church and in the religious environment, according to the results of the volunteer survey, a survey on volunteering and volunteering that was commissioned by the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs.


In order to raise people's awareness of the value and importance of voluntary work, the European Union declared 2011 the European Year of Volunteering. Under the motto “voluntarily. Make a difference!”In the EU, obstacles to such activities should be reduced and voluntary organizations strengthened. In Germany, the Ministry of Family has focused on cross-generational activities and especially wants to address women, young and old, migrants. In order to optimize civic engagement, the exchange with relevant associations and organizations should be intensified. To this end, better networking and cooperation between all those involved is sought, as well as a regular dialogue on volunteering at EU level.

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