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Hire craftsmen: avoid trouble, solve conflicts
Hire craftsmen: avoid trouble, solve conflicts

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The water stays cold, the dishwasher goes on strike - a professional is needed. If you hire a craftsman, you should inform yourself well beforehand.

Craftsmen are indispensable for work around the property. However, not everything always goes according to plan.

Delay Actually the move-in is pending, but are renovations still in progress? Annoying for the customer and for the contracted company: If the company is responsible for the delay, it is responsible for the damage incurred. To do this, however, the completion date must have been made binding on behalf of the company. Otherwise you have to send a reminder first. This means that you expressly ask the company to do the work within a certain period. What if a craftsman doesn't even appear on a promised appointment? Even then he gets a second chance. However, if he has received a reminder and the specified period (one to two weeks) has passed, you can opt out of the contract.

Obtain a quote or agree a fixed price - this way you avoid surprises

Defects With the acceptance, a customer confirms to the craftsman that the result is correct. Now the company can issue the invoice, the limitation period begins. Therefore, do not undertake any bad work - unless it is only a minor defect. Then, however, the acceptance report should show that certain, clearly identified work is still to be carried out. So check carefully: Ideally, you have specified the scope of the desired services in the order. This makes it easier to assess whether all tasks have been completed. If you discover mistakes, take pictures. You list extensive work in a defect report. You then ask the craftsman in writing to make improvements within a reasonable period of time.

Correction If the tradesman is unable to eliminate errors several times, customers can remedy defects themselves or re-place the order. The originally commissioned company has to pay the resulting costs. You can even request an advance. You can also withdraw from the contract or reduce the wages. Claims for damages are also conceivable, for example if moisture damage occurs due to insufficient sealing work.

Invoice Every handicraft invoice must explain services in a comprehensible manner: list the materials used and each working hour precisely (and without breaks). The hourly rate for trained helpers and trainees is different from that for master and journeyman. Travel times may not be billed like working hours. If the entrepreneur heads for several customers on a tour, he must split the travel costs. "To avoid surprises, you should get a quote, " advises Gerold Happ from the owner association Haus & Grund Germany. "Or you agree a fixed price. You only have to pay this price, even if the work is more expensive than expected.”

In case of an error

1. Conclusion of a contract for work.

2. The agreed work performance has a significant defect.

3. Right to rectification of defects.

4. The customer complains about the defect and does not accept the work.

5. The work does not have to be paid.

6. The customer requests the craftsman in writing to remedy the defect within a reasonable period (about 2 weeks)

then either:

The craftsman remedies the shortage and receives the wages


The artisan does not remedy the defect and the client does not pay.

In this case, the customer can withdraw from the contract or reduce the wages if:

  • there is a significant deficiency,
  • the client has notified the craftsman of the defect,
  • the client has given the craftsman a reasonable period to remedy the defect,
  • and the period for rectification has passed unsuccessfully.

To sum up, consumers have a multitude of rights when there are mistakes in their handicrafts. You will have the best cards if you notify the defects before acceptance.

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