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The latest figures: families stabilize home ownership rates
The latest figures: families stabilize home ownership rates

Video: The latest figures: families stabilize home ownership rates

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How do Germans actually live? Who lives for rent, who owns property? LBS Research has addressed these and other questions in your study and the analysis shows that the "couple with children" household type most often lives within their own four walls - but singles are catching up.

Property & family

In Germany, your own four walls are typically acquired relatively late, namely between the ages of 30 and 50. The Berlin-based real estate research institute empirica found that the relatively high home ownership rate of around 50 percent in the age group between 40 and 49 is primarily borne by families: 74 percent of all couples with children live in their own home. In contrast, tenant households dominate among singles: only 28 percent of single people live in their own property (see graphic).


As LBS Research reports, it is possible to use the data to determine home ownership rates by household type. In addition to families with children and singles, the researchers also looked at the group of single parents and childless couples. This shows that families with children now live more often than in the past. In the old federal states, the home ownership rate rose from 70 to 74 percent. In the east, the proportion of families living in their own four walls has even more than doubled in the age group of 40 to 49 year olds.

Single household

The trend towards home ownership is also clear among singles, albeit at a significantly lower level. And here, too, the East is the most dynamic: While the ownership rate among West Germans has increased by 3 percentage points since 1993, it has increased fivefold in the East. For childless couples, the home ownership rate in East and West is also at a relatively high level: 57 percent in the new federal states and 53 percent in the west. For single parents, the home ownership rate in the east and west is around a quarter. The share of single households in East and West has increased to 30 percent since 1993, almost doubling. The proportion of the classic "father-mother-child family" (child under 18) - although still by far the largest group - decreased in the same period: in the west from 41 to 34 percent, in the east from 34 to 27 percent.

Home ownership rate

To improve the home ownership rate, it will be important, on the one hand, that home ownership education for families with children does not "tear off" - for example, due to the noticeably higher property prices. On the other hand, it is important that attractive offers are also created for single households, both in new buildings and in existing apartments.

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