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Modernization: Expert advice: convince co-owners
Modernization: Expert advice: convince co-owners

Video: Modernization: Expert advice: convince co-owners

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Attorney Georg Hopfensperger, Haus und Grund Munich:

“Anyone who wants to implement an energy-saving renovation or modernization in their residential property system must convince the co-owners.

While in the past such resolutions could only be passed unanimously, today a three-quarters majority of all apartment owners with voting rights is sufficient, which must represent more than half of all co-ownership shares. This applies to measures that increase the value in use of home ownership, improve general living conditions in the long term or save energy and water. If the majority is not reached and the decision is taken only with a simple majority, it is not void, but is contestable.

In plain language: The modernization measure can then be challenged before the condominium court within a month. Only a letter to the administrator against the decision is not legally effective. Pure renovation measures, on the other hand, can be decided by a simple majority if there is a certain need for repair. Then the owners can decide whether to limit themselves to the repair or choose a modern, technically better solution. If, for example, the facade is damaged, the owners can either only repair it or connect it with a thermal insulation composite system.”

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