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Tips for home savers at the end of the year
Tips for home savers at the end of the year
Video: Tips for home savers at the end of the year
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Timely action ensures that new and old building society savers receive all subsidies before the end of the year and helps to save taxes. What you should consider …

The time is running. We'll celebrate Christmas again in a few weeks. Even if there is a lot to get and do right now: take a few minutes for your finances. Because home savers can secure home savings contract premiums until the end of the year. In order to receive the full Riester subsidy, housing construction bonus and employee savings allowance, building society savers only have to pay the required minimum savings on their contracts by December 31. Now there is even time to conclude a building society contract so as not to miss any funding.

Prämien für Bausparer
Prämien für Bausparer

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Housing premium

The home construction bonus is attractive for young savers with a taxable annual income of up to 25, 600 euros: anyone who pays between 50 and 512 euros for a home savings contract by the end of the year will receive a premium of 8.8 percent on their savings. Singles are rewarded with up to EUR 45.06 (depending on the savings rate), married people who save EUR 1024 receive EUR 90.11 ((taxable annual income up to EUR 51, 200).


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Residential Riester

Families should not miss the allowances on Riester building society contracts. The dream of owning a home can be realized faster with a Riester home savings contract. Because with two children born after 2008 and a taxable income of less than 51, 200 euros annually, the father of the state lets a total of almost 1, 000 euros jump, 308 euros Riester allowance for the parents (basic allowance of 154 euros each), 300 euros for each child and 90 euros for housing construction. Together with the employer's benefits, this is almost 2, 000 euros. Those who earn more will still receive the Riester allowance, because residential Riester is independent of income. In the coming year, the state will increase the basic allowance for the residential Riester from 154 euros to 175 euros. And for older children who are entitled to child benefit, there is still up to 185 euros.

Residential Riester with youth bonus

But young people also benefit from a Riester building society savings contract. Those who complete it up to the year in which they turn 25 receive a one-time entry bonus of 200 euros. In addition, it is the young people whose taxable income is often still below EUR 17, 900 and who can actually exhaust all the funding. With capital-generating benefits, this adds up to 922 euros in the first year.

Residential Riester: The savings requirements

In order to receive the full amount of Riester allowances, the full minimum contribution must have been paid in advance. That is four percent of income that was subject to social security contributions in the previous year, up to a maximum of 2, 100 euros including allowances. There is still time to transfer the missing amount - and even secure an additional tax gift. Because the own rates as well as the support can be claimed as special expenses in the income tax return. After all, we all like to be given presents, we certainly don't want to give away tax breaks.

Employee savings bonus

Many young professionals invest the wealth-generating benefits from the employer in a home savings contract. That pays off: The state supports annual deposits of up to EUR 470 with a bonus of 9 percent. In this way, a maximum of an additional 43 euros in employee savings allowance is paid to the building society savings account. Income limits also apply here (EUR 17, 900 for singles, EUR 35, 800 for married people). The decisive factor is always the taxable annual income, which, by the way, is often significantly lower than the gross annual income. It is worth taking action now! LBS consultants are happy to help with personal financial optimization.

Expert advice: Convert with age-appropriate Riester

Bernd Ivangs is the area manager at LBS and knows that older people in particular want to have their property refurbished - but don't know exactly how to tackle it cleverly. "It is very easy with a Riester building society contract, " he explains.

Bernd Ivangs
Bernd Ivangs

Bernd Ivangs, Area Manager at LBS: "It's easy to get a house in good shape."

Photo: LBS

Living wishes come true

“In the dark season you need something to look forward to. Regardless of whether you want a new bathroom, a beautiful conservatory or a modern kitchen - a building society contract significantly increases your investment scope. For every euro you save, you can get a 1.50 euro low-interest LBS home loan.”

Reconstruction with residential Riester

“If you modernize according to your age, the residential Riester subsidy will help you, which is now becoming even more attractive. From 2018 the maximum basic allowance will increase to 175 euros. Couples with two contracts receive up to 350 euros a year. With a combination of building society contract and instant loan, the conversion can start immediately. Your building society contract secures historically low interest rates - and you benefit from state subsidies year after year. The Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW) offers cheap loans for barrier-reducing modernization. The KfW loan is ten years free of repayment. Then you can completely replace it with your building society contract. It's so easy to get your house in good shape. Call us, we will advise you."


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