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Is the property worth its price?
Is the property worth its price?

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Experts help you as a seller to determine the price. And when you buy, they assess the quality of the property, track down defects and tell you what to expect.

What price can I get for my apartment, house or property? Is it enough to click a few similar objects on the Internet? Not guaranteed: you need an expert.

What does the expert do?

He arranges an inside and outside inspection of the property with you, taking a close look at the object and taking pictures. It describes in detail the characteristics of the house, the property data, the legal conditions, checks area information and land values. He derives the market value of the building from all the information. Finally, he assesses construction defects, damage and the maintenance status. Important: The key date of the valuation must be noted in the report.

On what basis?

Various methods are available to the expert to determine the sales price. In the comparison value procedure, the appraiser weighs the property up with similar objects in the same price range. The process is suitable for undeveloped land and condominiums. He determines the value of single-family houses using the real value method: he adds the land value to the value of the structures and thus determines the market value of the property. If the return is in the foreground (e.g. for an apartment building), the earnings value method is used. The market value is calculated from rental income and costs.

Why do I need him as a buyer?

A house or condominium is often the most expensive expense in life. Therefore, everyone should have the property examined more closely by a construction expert before concluding a purchase contract. The costs pay off - the layperson does not recognize any damage to older houses. Especially not when it has been refurbished: cracks in the walls quickly hide a new plaster, rotten beams a fresh coat of paint. That is why a specialist has to look closely. It is not uncommon for contracts to contain clauses that make subsequent complaints impossible or difficult to enforce, for example “bought as seen”. Then the buyer can only cancel the contract in the event of fraudulent deception.

Tips can be found in the brochure "Buying a used house" from the consumer advice center (can be ordered for 12.40 euros including shipping under call 0180-5001433 for 14 cents / min. Or

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  • Is the property worth its price?
  • Is the property worth its price?

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