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Neighborhood Association: How Residents Become Friends
Neighborhood Association: How Residents Become Friends

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Neighbors are moving closer together again in social neighborhoods - to celebrate and help each other in the home and garden, with care for the elderly and childcare.

The tenants' initiative at Haderner Stern in Munich was founded in 2002 and, as a non-profit organization, now has around 200 members. The association wants to counteract the anonymity of the residential complex inhabited by two thousand people. "Above all, help is needed when writing letters to the authorities as well as shopping or errands, " reports the chairwoman and founder Ingrid Appel. In addition, there are common leisure activities from bowling to mountain hiking, festivals and special events for seniors. The association also invites experts to free events such as fire protection, security, money and financial transactions, heating and operating costs. It is financed by donations, but also by flea markets and fundraisers. Income will benefit various projects such as the planned tutoring or midday care for high school students. The board, which consists of four volunteer members, meets once a week. "Many have come very close through our association, " reports Ingrid Appel.

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