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Home ownership: This is how young professionals benefit
Home ownership: This is how young professionals benefit

Video: Home ownership: This is how young professionals benefit

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Video: The TRUE Cost of Homeownership 2023, February

Riester building society saves young people the way to their own property, because: If you start early, you land earlier in your own property. But does Riestern go with an apprentice salary? With a holiday and part-time job as a pupil and student? With a mini job for parents or acquaintances?

Your own payments to a Riester building society savings contract can be very low - but the contract still pays off. Only four percent of the gross income generated in the previous year requires young Riester home savers (some of which pays for itself through the allowances). Anyone who has received around 6, 850 euros in apprenticeship remuneration only has to pay 120 euros a year - 10 euros a month. So everyone can make reasonable provisions for their age, even with mini-income.

Mini jobs: Those who do a mini or 400 euro job usually do not pay any pension insurance contributions. However, he can waive the exemption from pension insurance in writing and increase the employer's contribution to the statutory pension insurance to the full contribution rate. The way is now open for a Riester-funded building society contract.

Midi job: Anyone who does a “midi job”, whose earnings are in the sliding zone between 400 euros job and normal employment (between 400 and 800 euros), is generally entitled to the Riester subsidy. And should use it.

Military and civilian service: Anyone who completes his service with the German armed forces or as a civilian is entitled to full support for his Riester building society contract. The discharge allowance is also ideal as a special payment to the building society account.

Professional move: Young people often have to change cities because they want to be flexible in their jobs. If you give up your subsidized apartment because of a job-related move, you do not have to tax the housing subsidy account, even if you rent the apartment for a limited period. However, he must intend to move in again by 67 at the latest.

Buying together: If you want to buy a property with your boyfriend or girlfriend, you do not have to do without Riester funding. A co-ownership share is sufficient. This enables two young people, even if they are not yet married, to pool their sponsored home savings contracts for a common home. In a non-marital cohabitation, everyone is also entitled to their own Riester support.

Get in early: The sooner you get in, the more worth living-Riester. The law allows deposits from parents for children. This enables parents to relieve their children in the first phase of their professional life.

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