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Finance: Much easier than expected
Finance: Much easier than expected

Video: Finance: Much easier than expected

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Clever builders calculate with a sharp pencil: A financing plan for your own four walls is not magic. With good advice, buyers save a lot of money.

Bernhard and Daniela are excited. Because it is an important day in her life. Today the young couple has an appointment with their home savings advisor. The topic: The financing plan for a used house that you want to purchase. The project costs 230, 000 euros. They have never spent so much money and will hardly do it anymore. They very much hope that their wish can be realized. Max Maier, her LBS consultant, first tries to relieve the tension: coffee and chatting to loosen up. Slowly the two house builders come out of themselves and Mr. Maier to the point.


The consultant goes through the most important data one after the other: Both are 35 years old, he earns 54, 000 euros gross, she 30, 000 euros a year. They bring 73, 000 euros in equity. It should be a quarter of the purchase price, i.e. 60, 000 euros. This means that nothing stands in the way of financing. The couple is relieved.

Core building block

Bernhard has a saved home savings contract with a home savings sum of 50, 000 euros. He is therefore already entitled to the cheap and safe home loan. In addition to equity, it forms the core of the financing.

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