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News from the development bank: Expert advice
News from the development bank: Expert advice

Video: News from the development bank: Expert advice

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Expert advice from Christian Schneider, area manager of the LBS and expert for financing with KfW grants.

“Construction money from the state is currently practically free of charge. The KfW development bank's 'Energy Efficient Building' program offers loans of up to EUR 50, 000 at a borrowing rate of 0.75% to 1% per annum (fixed for 10 years). This should motivate builders to invest in climate protection. In order to receive funding, they must exceed the legal requirements of the Energy Saving Ordinance and at least achieve Efficiency House 70 standard.

Negative interest: There are repayment grants for even better standards, for an efficiency house 40 up to 5000 euros. This is more than the financier pays in interest in the first 10 years, but does not compensate for the additional effort. In our experience, the manufacturing costs are at least 40, 000 euros higher than those of a KfW 70 house.

Innovation: However, funding for Efficiency House 70 will end soon. Anyone wishing to call up funds for this requires the grant approval before April 1, 2016. After that, it must be at least efficiency house class 55. At the same time as this change, KfW doubled the maximum loan amount to EUR 100, 000.

As-is : The promotional bank already topped up the "Energetic renovation" program in August. More renovators are entitled: Residential buildings for which the building application was submitted before February 1, 2002 are eligible. To-

the deadline was January 1, 1995. There is a maximum of EUR 50, 000 in promotional loans for individual measures that meet minimum requirements. Anyone upgrading their home to a KfW efficiency house can now receive loans of up to EUR 100, 000 and repayment grants improved by 5 percentage points (maximum 27.5% of the loan amount). If the efficiency house renovation is carried out with own funds, investment grants are included: a maximum of 30, 000 euros per living unit.”

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