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Houseplant database: Cyclamen
Houseplant database: Cyclamen

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Cyclamen are among the most popular houseplants.

The garden cyclamen are less known, but hardly distinguishable in appearance. The heart-shaped leaves, which grow out of a long stem, are surmounted by petals that are folded back.


Cyclamen belong to the primrose family and originally come from the mountainous forest regions of southern Central Europe and the eastern Mediterranean. The range of different species is diverse: New varieties are constantly coming onto the market, with new colors and shapes, in miniature format, and much more. The best known is the Cyclamen persicum, an indoor cyclamen that blooms from late autumn to spring.


Bright, airy and cool, they feel most comfortable in the room. They don't like temperature fluctuations. It is best to ensure a high level of humidity in the room. However, the flowering plant should not be sprayed. An electric humidifier is suitable instead.

Garden cyclamen prefer a shady location.


Garden cyclamen need well drained, sandy-loamy soil. In frosty winter temperatures, the planted areas should be covered with brushwood as a precaution.

to water

They need plenty of water during flowering, but do not pour on the bulb. After flowering, between May and June, watering can be reduced somewhat. Until the beginning of September, only enough should be watered that the tuber does not shrink. Then it can be put in new soil. Then just wait until it drives again.


Fertilize every two weeks; completely stop fertilizing after flowering.

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