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Modernization: If so, then right
Modernization: If so, then right

Video: Modernization: If so, then right

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Video: Modernization Model & It's Critics 2023, February

New heating, comfortable bathroom, age-appropriate renovation - at LBS, modernizers find out what costs they can expect and how they can fulfill their wishes.

"A year is over quickly, " triumphs 7-year-old Nikolas. While the boy enthusiastically calculates how much pocket money he could save in twelve months, the father thinks about the expenses for the family house. The engineer knows how useful regular maintenance and modernization are.

Care for houses

The exterior painting is due approximately every 10–15 years, the heating after a maximum of 30 years and the roof after a few decades. Even a new bathroom, a modern kitchen or age-appropriate conversions have to be in order for your own property to be a permanent pleasure. For many people, modernizing also means upgrading the house energetically. There are interesting grants for this. The heating costs for modern single-family houses are constantly increasing. And they turn out to be significantly lower after an energetic renovation.

Benefit multiple times

Basically, one can say: the better the energy standard, the more money an owner has to spend. But the investment is worth it: According to a dena study, the highly efficient energy standard "Efficiency House 70" pays off, which corresponds to an energy consumption of around five liters of heating oil per square meter per year. If one converts the energetic renovation costs to the heating energy saved, each kilowatt hour saved costs 7.1 cents. In contrast, there is already an average energy price of 8 cents per kilowatt hour. The additional costs for energy-related measures can therefore be refinanced through energy savings.

Which measures you choose depends of course on your budget and effort. An energy consultant can support you. It also refers to KfW's current funding programs. With the LBS modernization calculator you can calculate the costs.

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