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Old building: demolish or build up?
Old building: demolish or build up?

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Whoever buys a used property, the question arises: Should the house be modernized or replaced by a new building? The decision depends on the wishes of the owners.

Second-hand houses are convincing due to their many advantages: there is no construction stress, in many cases they are cheaper and can sometimes be purchased immediately. However, extensive modernizations are often pending before moving in. Wouldn't a demolition with subsequent new building then be more appropriate?


Kerstin and Thomas Holtmann wanted to go back from Munich City to the country - preferably in their own house. Since the prices around the state capital are high, only an old building was considered. The family also wanted to carry out renovations themselves for a low purchase price. Soon they found a wooden house from the 1950s in the Erdinger Moos, which was later walled. "In the following two years we renewed the floors and pipes, the heating as well as the electricity and water supply, " recalls Kerstin Holtmann.

Walls were broken through, the roof was lifted off, the top floor was removed and a new roof was added. Wouldn't a new building have been more practical? "Since we could do almost everything ourselves, the renovation was a little cheaper than a new building, " explains Thomas Holtmann.


Holtmanns had assessed the scope of the renovation well. However, this is not always possible. "Have the property inspected by a construction expert before you buy it, " recommends Dipl.-Ing. Eva Reinhold-Postina from the Association of Private Builders. "He explains to you which modernization measures are necessary, whether there are problematic building materials to be disposed of or which parts of the building should be preserved." In the case of a renovation, measures can be sensibly coordinated over several years and adapted to your financial situation.


Anyone who decides to demolish should have worked out a coherent overall concept for the new house beforehand. The development plan regulates the requirements to be observed, for example for the size, height and type of the building. "When planning, the additional costs must also be taken into account through the requirements of the Energy Saving Ordinance and the regulations for renewable energies must also be observed", Reinhold-Postina points out. A new building offers many advantages - and above all a long modernization break.

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