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Sell ​​property: expert advice
Sell ​​property: expert advice

Video: Sell ​​property: expert advice

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Video: 23-Year-Old Top Selling Dubai Real Estate Agent's Advice for Success 2023, February

Beautify house before sale?

“The external appearance of a house plays a major role in sales. Stained outer walls or crumbling plaster do not inspire those interested. The seller then has to cut back on the price - even if the substance of the building is excellent. Potential buyers also opt for the more visually appealing property on the Internet.

No tricks: Sellers shouldn't try to cover up modernization needs with paint. If the substance is not correct and pipes, lines, insulation, heating or windows have to be replaced, a new coat of paint is no use either. The seller must not conceal hidden defects, otherwise he risks canceling the purchase contract.

What to do? A reasonable basis for negotiations is a market value appraisal by independent experts. It often also contains statements about the need for modernization or renovation. The "green" design plays an increasingly important role in sales - from the outer skin insulation to current heating issues. A meaningful energy pass makes the house interesting."

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