Saving growth: increase money without risk
Saving growth: increase money without risk
Video: Saving growth: increase money without risk
Video: 5 Basic Ways to Grow Money in 2021 (For Beginners) 2023, February

Money that you don't need over a manageable period of time can be cleverly increased through savings savings growth.

No risk: Your Sparkasse guarantees you fixed interest rates over the entire term, which increase from year to year. You benefit from the compound interest effect: the longer you save, the higher the return. The interest is credited at the end of each year. Income is included in the interest. So that you do not have to pay tax on your interest income, you give your Sparkasse an exemption order.

Always flexible: If you need money during the term, you can dispose of it - taking into account the agreed notice period. Account management and custody account fees do not apply to savings. Talk to your Sparkassen advisor about the optimal strategy for you. You can find information on saving growth in the “Private customers and saving” section at

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