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Rik Steinheuer, lawyer, Association of Taxpayers North Rhine-Westphalia: Have your tax plans examined

“It is best to clarify directly with the tax office how it will assess your project for tax purposes. It provides binding information - provided you follow the formalities."


"Submit your request in writing to the tax office. After you have given your name, place of residence and tax number, explain your concerns. Your question must relate to a planned issue. You must not have started the project (for example, transferring wealth to the children)."


"Ask the questions precisely. You end the letter with the declaration that you have provided all information truthfully and completely. Make a note that no other authority has your concern."


"The tax office is generally obliged to provide information and advice. As soon as you have received an answer, it is binding. You are now implementing your project as described in the application. If the tax office refuses to provide information on the grounds that you have not complied with the formalities, you can lodge an objection."

Charges apply

“Since the annual tax law 2007 came into force, binding information has been subject to fees. The fee depends on the item value and can also be requested in advance. If the item value cannot be determined, the tax office will charge a time fee of 50 euros for every half hour or part thereof, but at least 100 euros.”

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