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Money from the state: house & capital
Money from the state: house & capital

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Distribute investment income - children are entitled to an annual tax allowance of 8, 004 euros (as of 2010).

Children as tenants

Is your child fledgling and looking for a place to stay at the training location? If you buy an apartment and rent it to your children, you can save a lot of taxes. Demand at least 75 percent of the customary local rent and claim 100 percent of the advertising costs. A written rental agreement and the actual payment of rent and additional costs are required.

Split up assets

Investment income can be spread over several shoulders in the family, thus reducing the tax burden. Like the parents, every child is entitled to an annual allowance - in 2010 this is up to 8, 004 euros. But: child's tax-free interest increases their income and can jeopardize their child benefit and child allowance. Talk to your tax advisor in advance.

Double housekeeping

If you have a second home as a married person for professional reasons, you can claim the additional expenses in the context of double housekeeping. It does not matter whether the family residence is moved to the place of employment of one of the two spouses, whereby the original family apartment is used as a commercial apartment (Az. VI R 58/06; VI R 23/07). The Federal Finance Court decided that 60 square meters of living space and an average living standard in terms of location and equipment are sufficient (Az. VI R 10/06; VI R 23/05). For example, rent, brokerage fees, storm, water and heating remain deductible. If you live in your own second home at work, you claim depreciation, interest on debt and renovation costs.

Claim travel expenses

Travel expenses as part of double housekeeping include expenses for a weekly family trip home. The distance flat rate is granted from the first kilometer. Anyone who travels to the family by public transport also applies the distance flat rate - even if the costs exceed the amount that can be deducted as a distance flat rate. Do you use the plane? Then claim the actual costs.

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