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Saving energy: How to get the coveted document
Saving energy: How to get the coveted document

Video: Saving energy: How to get the coveted document

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"Architects, but also engineers, chimney sweepers or hand

Werkmeister with additional qualifications issue energy certificates. It's best to get three offers for comparison,”advises Thomas Weber, head of the Fulda regional office, Association of Private Building Owners

Expert search “For example, you can find a qualified specialist on the Internet at Ask about price and performance. What is the intensity of building assessment and advice? How many on-site consultations has he already carried out? The energy passport creator must prove that he is authorized to issue it."

Beware of low-cost providers “Modernization recommendations must be included with the ID. For this, the exhibitor should check the heating technology and the building envelope. If the renovation tips or the signed form are missing, the energy certificate is incomplete and invalid."

The costs “The ID card costs around 600 euros (including VAT). The owner's share of the energy advice for the one- or two-family house is 565 euros, for an apartment building from 750 euros. There are grants for this from Bafa."

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