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5-minute check: your rights when shopping online
5-minute check: your rights when shopping online
Video: 5-minute check: your rights when shopping online
Video: Buying online - know your consumer rights 2023, February

Whether Christmas tree, gifts or Christmas stollen - more and more people shop online for the festival. Now it is important to know the exact rules for exchanges and returns.

1 Can I return goods?

In most cases, those who shop online enjoy a 14-day right of withdrawal. Within this period you can withdraw from the contract without giving any reason. The cancellation period begins on the day after the ordered goods have fully arrived at the buyer. Before Christmas, many providers voluntarily extend this period. "Anyone who buys gifts early should check which conditions apply, " advises Christian Aldenhoff from the NRW consumer center.

2 What do you have to consider when withdrawing?

Goods may not be sent back to the shop without comment. In order to exercise the right of withdrawal, the buyer must clearly declare the withdrawal to the dealer. You should do this in writing - by email, fax or post. The consignment must even be accompanied by a declaration of revocation, which you can simply fill out. The date of dispatch is decisive. The customer can still withdraw from the contract on the last day of the cancellation period.

3 How is the return made?

Many consumers send the goods back to the dealer together with the cancellation policy. However, it is sufficient if the revocation takes place first. After that, customers have 14 days to send the goods to the retailer. Many suppliers provide a return label for the package. According to law, the cost of the return shipment is borne by the customer. Some retailers voluntarily assume these expenses.

4 When do I get my money back?

The merchant can wait until the returns have arrived with the money transfer. "He not only has to reimburse the purchase price, but also the costs for shipping to the customer, " explains consumer protection firm Aldenhoff. Additional costs for express delivery are excluded. The dealer can also demand compensation if the goods have been damaged by the customer or have otherwise lost value. Unpacking, possibly assembling and checking the goods are allowed and do not count as an impairing action.

5 Are there exceptions?

Yes, if the goods have been tailored to the personal needs of the buyer, there is no right of withdrawal. Examples include tailor-made clothing or textiles with monograms. Food and other quickly perishable products are also excluded. Anyone who removes the seal from CDs and DVDs may no longer return them. However: If defective goods are delivered, there is always a warranty period of two years. Dealers are required to repair or replace.

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