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Gunnar Brand: Interview with the new head of building and renovation
Gunnar Brand: Interview with the new head of building and renovation

Video: Gunnar Brand: Interview with the new head of building and renovation

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Since September 2016, Gunnar Brand has been a colleague in the building and renovation department of the DAS HAUS editorial team. He will take over and lead it from November. We ask him 3 questions to get to know each other better.

Gunnar Brand
Gunnar Brand

Gunnar Brand

Photo: the house

What do you think is the greatest anticipation for the new job as Head of Building and Renovation in the DAS HAUS editorial team?

Lots and lots of exciting houses, materials, great details - all of this is currently flashing through my head and making me smile. It is so appealing and at the same time challenging to present these different topics to the reader in different ways. The ideas are bubbling.

You studied architecture: what does your dream house look like?

Not an easy question. There are rather ideas about how the rooms should look and be made. The kitchen should have a large table around which guests can sit. It is cooked on a gas stove and the door is simply closed after the party in the kitchen. The shower has a large skylight so you can see the sky while showering. Few materials that are light and natural are used. Wood and clay - for me that's pure nature.

Do you have some kind of favorite topic?

My favorite topic is architecture perception. We are surrounded by architecture to a large extent every day. It would be great to talk more about architecture at school. Because in order to recognize and appreciate good architecture, certain basic knowledge is required. Then we can better discuss with the architects and planners in everyday life, and we can better recognize the value of good architecture. Everyone likes to have a say in football and would be the better national coach. I would like to transport and convey the small 1x1 of architecture. That would be wonderful.

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