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Extreme weather: All-round protection for the home
Extreme weather: All-round protection for the home

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Against flood and Co: Owners protect their property with building, household, elementary damage insurance.

For weeks, the flood in 2013 kept the population in parts of Germany under control. Whether heavy rain, hail or storm - a study by the Association of German Insurers (GDV) and climate researchers shows that extreme weather conditions can increase and affect every region. Flood damage could double by the end of the century. Storm damage threatens to increase by more than 50 percent by 2100, hail damage by 60 percent by 2050.

Residential building

Homeowners insurance is therefore indispensable for every owner. It pays for damage, such as when lightning strikes, storm covers the roof or a fire rages. The insurance covers the house, garage and contracted outbuildings as well as accessories on the house such as solar systems and awnings.

Right sum

The premium is calculated according to the scope of insurance, size, age, condition and type of construction as well as the regional location of the property. Agree upon the conclusion of the contract, the moving new value premium and the insurer's benefits will then be adjusted to the current construction prices. In the event of a total loss, you will always receive the amount required to rebuild your house in the same style and quality.

Household items

If your facility is damaged, household insurance will take over. Avoid underinsurance: If you only specify part of your household items in the policy in order to save on the premium, you will also receive only part of the insurance in the event of damage.

Elementary protection

Building insurance does not cover all dangers. In addition, you should also take out elementary damage insurance that includes damage, for example due to flooding - for example, when rivers overflow the banks, the sewage system is overloaded, causing the water to build up and penetrate into the basement. The policy replaces the costs for soaked walls and floor coverings (addition to building insurance) or for destroyed electrical appliances and upholstered furniture (addition to household insurance). According to the GDV, elementary protection for buildings is available for less than 100 euros per year, depending on the location and size of the property.


The "MehrWetter-App" of the public insurers transmits weather forecasts including bad weather reports. The notification is sent directly to the smartphone. You also have access to weather maps and forecasts for various leisure activities. The "MehrWetter-App" is available free of charge for customers of public insurers on the website

Deutschlandkarte mit den versicherten Gebäuden
Deutschlandkarte mit den versicherten Gebäuden

Map of Germany with the insured buildings

Photo: Source: GDV

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