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Craft idea: Decorative heart pillow
Craft idea: Decorative heart pillow

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Made in a snap from a little plaid and felt, these padded hearts serve as a nice souvenir for Valentine's Day.

Working materials from Gütermann Creativ and Knorr Prandell

  • finished size in the photo approx. 18.5 x 18.5 cm each
  • Renaissance bead (pearl) 4 mm in dark green (2 pieces)
  • Satin florets small col. 275 (2 pcs.)
  • Gütermann creativ Sew-all thread white
  • HT2 textile adhesive

    everything from Gütermann creativ.

  • Felt dark brown (1 pc.)
  • Check ribbon (1 pc.)
  • POP-UP COLORS by WACO (1 pc.)
  • Rick rack (60 cm)

    Materials from KnorrPrandell.

    Additionally: red and white checked fabric for the back, 22 x 22 cm per heart.


  1. Transfer template heart to brown felt and Vichykaro fabric and cut twice each. Paint any lettering and flowers with chalk on brown felt. Follow everything with a white pop-up liner and fluff up in the oven at 150 ° C.
  2. Put a square heart and a brown felt heart together on the right with pins and sew together with the sewing machine a foot-wide, leaving 3 cm open for falling.
  3. For the hanger, place a 30 cm piece of Vichy check ribbon on half and grasp it in the middle of the heart when sewing together. Cut small triangles out of the seam allowance at the rounding of the heart. Turn the heart to the right and iron out the edges. Stuff with filling material and sew the opening by hand.
  4. Glue the white rickrack with HT2 textile glue onto brown felt along the edge, starting at the tip of the heart and wrapping the edge at the end and fixing with glue. Finally, sew small satin florets and green renaissance bead onto the white flower by hand.

Enlarge the template to any format.

Photo: Gütermann creativ

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