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Vacation checklist: print, tick, leave
Vacation checklist: print, tick, leave

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With our holiday checklist, you are guaranteed not to forget anything. Simply print it out, go through it step by step and check off what has been done - so you can start your vacation relaxed.

Thinking of everything is often difficult - we have put together the most important points for you.

A few weeks before the vacation

Done important documents
Valid identity card / passport
Health insurance abroad
International driving licence
Valid EC and credit cards
Cash / euro checks / travelers checks
Cancellation insurance
if necessary vehicle for inspection
Copy of important documents
Travel / booking documents (arrival, hotel, rental car)
PIN codes / TAN

Organize in good time before the trip

Done task
Care of plants and animals
Import regulations for pets (e.g. entry papers / vaccinations etc.)
Unsubscribe from mail / neighbors
Prepare the answering machine
Leave your holiday address / phone number for friends / neighbors
Store apartment / car keys
Unsubscribe / redirect newspapers / magazines
Store valuables safely (e.g. safe deposit box)

Shortly before departure

Done task
Empty the fridge
Switch off / plug in electrical appliances
Close windows and doors
Emergency numbers (insurance, card blocking, etc.)
Switch on the alarm system
Turn off the water (dishwasher / washing machine)
Switch off lights and heating
Directions to the resort
Check departure / flight time (possibly late?)
Meals for the trip

travel pharmacy

Done drug
Individually necessary medication
Burn and wound healing ointment
Pain reliever and antipyretic
Medication for diarrhea
Anti-motion sickness remedies
Effective mosquito and insect protection
Remedies for cough, runny nose, sore throat
Anti-nausea drug
Wound disinfection
Remedies for conjunctivitis
Broad spectrum antibiotic
Anti-allergic agents
Medication typical of travel destination
Other (e.g. clinical thermometer, tweezers, dressing material etc.)


Done Travel utensils
Travel guide, city and map
Batteries, accumulators, memory cards
Travel adapter
Sewing kit
Photo / video camera
Travel adapter
Sewing kit

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