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Actress Eva Habermann about a very special relationship
Actress Eva Habermann about a very special relationship

Video: Actress Eva Habermann about a very special relationship

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This is how Eva Habermann lives: Among other things, the actress reveals in an interview what relationship she has with a bistro table from Paris.

What style of furnishing do you live?

It's all in the mix. There are many puristic elements paired with antique furniture. I also love pop art and I have works of art by Romero Britto on my wall.

What was your biggest home purchase?

A 3.40 meter long chest of drawers from the 19th century, made of walnut. I bargained for a long time to be able to call the thing my own.

Do you have a special relationship with a piece of furniture - and why?

An original bistro table from Paris, which I chatted to the owner of my favorite restaurant years ago. I set heaven and hell in motion to get the table to Germany.

Are you a collector or a minimalist?

Definitely a collector. It is not enough if the apartment is already full. I always find something to take away.

Where are you hiding chaos?

In my dressing room. When guests come, I take everything there, lock the door and hide the key.

Describe your dream home

A spacious house with high ceilings, secluded and in the great outdoors with a lake view. A weeping willow is also a must, which reminds me of my parents' beautiful garden.

If a visitor rings unannounced, what can you expect?

An espresso and always something to eat, because my fridge is always full.

Are you a shower type or do you prefer to lie down in the hot tub?

In winter and after long days of shooting, it's the tub, and the shower to wake you up.

CV of Eva Habermann

Eva Habermann became known in the mid-1990s for her role in the television series "Lexx". This was followed by appearances in numerous German series and films, most recently in the strip "Mara and the Feuerbringer". Habermann volunteers for "Adveniat", a Catholic aid project in Latin America. This year she spent a month alongside religious in Haiti to help children. She lives in an apartment in Berlin.

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