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Good question: How do we fall in love with a house?
Good question: How do we fall in love with a house?

Video: Good question: How do we fall in love with a house?

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Naughty! Cute! Uncomfortable! Pretentious! Modern! There are many descriptions for a house. That is within 3 to 90 seconds after we have entered it. Then the all-round check is finished and the verdict is clear.

Our brains enable us to achieve this brisk performance, which with its 100 billion nerve cells enables us to make decisions and evaluations at lightning speed. It is impossible to avoid this phenomenon - the "first impression". Every person continuously evaluates their environment, whether at the sausage counter the seller's hairstyle or colleague's sofa, or just a house. When you see a property you want to buy, convert, or rent, you should be determined to make a rational, wise decision after careful consideration. But be careful: your brain works faster than you think! When you enter, it is clear shortly afterwards whether you like the house, whether you feel good or not.

Fireworks in the brain

Scientists do not yet know how our brains so quickly compute all information about the sensory organs - eyes, ears, nose - into an overall picture in a matter of seconds. The fact is that the countless stimuli are not only processed, but also immediately emotionally assessed. In the course of evolution, this ability became more refined because it was essential for survival in the savannah to quickly distinguish friend from friend or to identify potential healthy sexual partners. Our brains could not hesitate for three days! We have therefore been prepared to make reflexive decisions from time immemorial. We are rarely aware of these, we could hardly put them into words, but we feel them as a kind of "gut feeling". Everyone knows the irritating and irrational life of the emotions: At a party someone unknown enters the room and suddenly something clicks in us.

Of people and houses

Buildings do not blink, they don't laugh and dance, and yet they also leave an impression that is as formative as that of people. Why? We interpret the signals: the friendly wallpaper, the bright kitchen, the large bathroom, a fragrance that permeates the rooms. And there is also the fact that most of the time we experience houses together with people - the broker or the owners. If we find it likeable or unpleasant, it rubs off on our feelings about the property. If the spouse comes along for a tour, the critically curled lips or the enthusiastic “Aha, mhhh” automatically flow into our own judgment.

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