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Wayne Carpendale: "Decoration? I don't live in the shop window "
Wayne Carpendale: "Decoration? I don't live in the shop window "

Video: Wayne Carpendale: "Decoration? I don't live in the shop window "

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Video: Annemarie pustet wieder [Annemarie & Wayne Carpendale] | Die perfekte Minute 2014 | SAT.1 2023, January

The actor in conversation with Das Haus.


Actor Wayne Carpendale briefly changed subject in 2006 and won the TV show “Let's Dance”. In the TV series "The Country Doctor" he mimicks Doctor Jan Bergmann. Wayne Carpendale lives in Munich with his partner, the moderator Annemarie Warnkross.

Do you have a favorite place at home?

“When I sit on the roof at sunset, I have the best view of the Alps. In addition a beer - perfect."

What style of furnishing do you live?


How do you describe your dream home?

“I'm more of an apartment type. I dream of one or two apartments abroad."

How often do you decorate?

"Redecorate? You decorate a shop window - but an apartment ?!”

Do you have a special relationship with a piece of furniture?

"35 canvases printed with photos of places that are special for my girlfriend and me."

What was your biggest home purchase?

“A television that has no cables in the back and is as flat as a 1 euro coin. That's exactly what we were looking for."

Where are you hiding chaos?

"After a number of moves, I learned that beautiful apartments only stay beautiful if there is enough storage space - with us under the stairs."

If a visitor rings unannounced, what can you expect?

"A cup of coffee - and two drawers full of sweets, which my girlfriend keeps refilling to my chagrin."

Are you a shower type or do you prefer to lie down in the hot tub?

“We have a fantastic free-standing bath, but I usually don't have the leisure to take a bath. I prefer to take a shower."

Two things that you particularly like about your apartment?

“The open kitchen with island - the focus of every party. And the light that flows in through the many windows."

… and something that absolutely needs to be improved?

"The garage - we don't have one, and that's horror in Munich-Schwabing."

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