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Houseplant database: gloxinia
Houseplant database: gloxinia
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We buy the gloxinia, whose flowers often reach a diameter of 14 centimeters, as an annual disposable plant. Too bad, because the bulbs can be brought to new bloom every year.


Since the beginning of Sinningia cultivation over 150 years ago, new and more beautiful varieties have appeared ever since. They all come from the species Sinningia speciosa. Today, hybrids are mainly available in retail.


Gloxinias require warmth, if possible also humidity and sun protection.


In summer.


The plant pots should ideally be fed in moist peat or clay granulate.

to water

You water moderately but regularly with tempered, soft water until the end of July. After the end of the pile, stop pouring slowly.


Fertilize weekly with a weak nutrient solution or hydroponic fertilizer during the summer.


From February on, the hibernated tubers can be repotted in fresh soil.


As with the closely related African violet, reproduction by leaf cuttings is possible. Wintering: Overwinter tubers dry at 15 degrees. Leave one or two shoots on in February and place the bulb in a uniform soil. First pour water sparingly and drive in high heat - possibly put a pot with a plastic hood on the heater.

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