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Houseplant Database: Cannon Flower
Houseplant Database: Cannon Flower
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When the flower opens, the cannon flower throws its pollen in clouds up to a meter away. The flower owes its name to this special peculiarity.


On the market are the Pilea libanensis (see picture), green-white-leaved P. cadieri, P. spruceana with silvery shimmering leaves, P.microphylla with thousands of small leaves, P. involucrata with olive-green, uneven leaves and probably the most beautiful variety P crassifolia "Moon Valley".


All types of cannon flower love a bright position without sun. However, they need warmth and humid air. The temperatures should be higher than 13 ° C.


Different, depending on the type.

to water

Keep evenly moist in summer and drier in winter.


Fertilize weekly in spring until the end of summer.


The plants do not need to be pruned.


The annual rearing is better than a multi-year culture. To do this, cut about 7 centimeters long head cuttings in spring and let them root in a heated growing box at a floor temperature of around 20 ° C. Then the shoots are placed in normal, uniform earth.

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