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Houseplant database: Klimme
Houseplant database: Klimme

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Cissus, which comes from the Greek word "kissos" and means "ivy". For some species, the similarity is really unmistakable. We usually use climbing or hanging vine plants as houseplants. They all have very beautiful, differently shaped leaves. The flowers, however, are inconspicuous.


The genus Cissus includes about 350 species, which include both climbers and succulents.


Climbers belong in closed rooms all year round and do not tolerate the sun (except the succulent species that are not used as houseplants). The royal or lozenge flourishes even where there is hardly any light, the somewhat larger-leaved Australian wine, Cissus antarctica, wishes it to be rather bright. The same goes for the colorful-leaved climbers, who fail without the warmth and humidity of a flower window.


In spring, the green-leaved mountains are repotted into loamy, humus-rich soil and not much larger vessels.

to water

Indoor climbing is watered only moderately from the start of budding and fertilized until mid-August. (Tropical species need more moisture and nutrients.) Mildew, fungal diseases and brown spots on climbs are usually caused by feet that are too wet.


Fertilize weekly from spring to mid-August.


New plants are obtained from cuttings.

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