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Houseplant database: Cape wine / Cape land rimmed / Sumac wine
Houseplant database: Cape wine / Cape land rimmed / Sumac wine

Video: Houseplant database: Cape wine / Cape land rimmed / Sumac wine

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The Cape Cliff (Scientific Rhoicissus capensis), also known as Cape Wine or Sumac Wine, is a robust climbing shrub that is ideal as a houseplant. The Kaplandklimme is particularly interesting for cat owners because its leaves are non-toxic to kitties.

This non-hardy, large-leaved climber requires a firm support rod from the start and cannot be held in traffic lights like the other Cissus species, as it grows and climbs upright.


The evergreen plant from the vine family has glossy emerald green leaves, the undersides of which are covered with a kind of brown felt.


The Kapland-Klimme is a typical houseplant because it can hardly stand the sun. Therefore, do not stand directly at the south window. However, it can also be outdoors for a while in the summer when its place is warm and protected from the sun. In Mediterranean areas you can even find them as attractive bedding for pergolas or balconies.


In spring, the cliffs are repotted in humus soil and not much larger vessels every spring.

to water

You only water moderately from the start of the shoot. Powdery mildew, fungal diseases and brown spots on climbs are usually caused by feet that are too wet.


Feed every two weeks until mid-August.


The propagation takes place through cuttings.

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