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Furniture with a silver look: that's how it's done
Furniture with a silver look: that's how it's done

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Do you want to immerse the feet and surfaces of tables in fine silver? Here you will find various techniques that you can use to create great effects.

1. Pretreat furniture

The surface must be clean and dry so that the silver adheres well. If you only want to apply the deco metal irregularly, as with the flourish frame, prime the surface with colored acrylic paint beforehand. Let it dry well. No pretreatment is required for full-surface silvering, similar to the table base.

Illustration Anlegemilch auftragen
Illustration Anlegemilch auftragen

Illustration Applying milk

2. Feeding milk

Wherever you want to apply the silver, apply a thin layer of the applied milk. Wait about 15 minutes for it to become nice and sticky.

Illustration Deco-Metall auftragen
Illustration Deco-Metall auftragen

Apply deco metal

3. Apply silver

Depending on the desired effect, there are different techniques: If you want to see the background, place pieces of sheet metal of different sizes in an irregular manner; then brush down with the soft, dry brush. If you completely silver-plate a surface, stick the sheets close together. If there are gaps, simply place a piece of silver over it and press on. Excess silver leaf can be gently wiped away with a brush or a soft cloth. For the mosaic look, place five sheets of protective paper on top of each other and cut them into squares (approx. 2 x 2 cm). Place them on the table top and carefully smooth them down with a brush so that the wafer-thin sheet metal does not tear. It is best to let the whole thing dry overnight.

Illustration Schutzlack aufbringen
Illustration Schutzlack aufbringen

Apply protective lacquer

4. Protective varnish

Finally, apply a thin layer of varnish to seal the surface: this prevents the silver from flaking off and shines longer.


Gold rush: If the combination of silver and blue is too cool, you can also use gold-colored leaf metal. A dark red tone is best suited as a primer.

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