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Building society contract: financial compass
Building society contract: financial compass

Video: Building society contract: financial compass

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Who will take away the financial stress?

The mortgage from one bank, the building society contract from the other, the real estate from the broker and the insurance from the fourth company. And submit all documents every time, new appointments, new contacts - that means stress. And as a builder or buyer, you don't need that additionally.


The alternative is one-stop financing. In the advice center of LBS or Sparkasse you get your building society contract, your mortgage, your insurance, your property and a lot of expertise and support.


The consultants tailor the property search to your financial options, the mortgage to the building society contract and the necessary insurance to your needs: no double paperwork, short distances. Everything from a single source: Talk to your advisor from LBS or Sparkasse.

You can find out more about the financing offers of LBS and savings banks online at

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