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The home rent: You can use this funding
The home rent: You can use this funding
Video: The home rent: You can use this funding
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All building grants can be cleverly distributed by your building society consultant to two building society contracts: one for residential Riester and one for other grants.

Riester building society savings contract: Young families receive 185 euros per child for Riester support - and even 300 euros annually for children born from 2008 onwards. In addition to the maximum amount of 154 euros per adult.

Second building society contract: The state rewards deposits of up to 512 euros a year (married couples 1, 024 euros) on LBS building society contracts with 8.8 percent housing construction premium - a maximum of 45.06 euros (couple 90.11 euros). The premium can be received by anyone over 16 who does not pay more than 25, 600 euros (married couples 51, 200 euros). The employer pays assets-related benefits to your second home savings contract. For them there is a 9 percent employee savings allowance from the state - up to 43 euros a year if less than 17, 900 euros (married couples 35, 800 euros) are taxed.

Example: In the first year, a young family (2 adults under 25, two children) can receive a total of 1, 369.11 euros (including 2x 200 euro career starter bonus) on two contracts. You might also be interested in:

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