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LBS Future Compass: Interview
LBS Future Compass: Interview

Video: LBS Future Compass: Interview

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Video: Matt Hamilton Interview Compass Group 2023, February

Mayors all over Germany have to find solutions to make living and living sustainable for all generations. "LBS current" spoke to LBS board member Werner Schäfer about this challenge.

Mr. Schäfer, what are the goals of the LBS with its future compass?

The growth paradigm is no longer valid in many places. Municipalities are experiencing a decline in their population and an aging population. New answers to ensure the quality of the location of municipalities are necessary. The LBS Future Compass provides that. Its central theme is intergenerational justice. For the first time, it provides an overview of approaches to action and concrete support for implementation.

How does the LBS future compass do justice to the different starting conditions in the municipalities?

Even if municipalities focus on different aspects depending on their location and size, the suggestions of the LBS Future Compass can be applied to all cities and municipalities. Divided into the four fields of action "quality of life", "resources", "living together" and "dialogue between the generations", numerous best practice examples are presented and supplemented with tips and contact addresses. The LBS Future Compass contains information on how to increase the cross-generational quality of life in the community and on future-oriented use of resources. Measures for a profitable coexistence of young and old = " are listed as well as suggestions to promote the exchange between the generations.

What else can LBS do for local authorities?

We can support cities and municipalities in implementing measures. The LBS building society savings contract not only helps private households to acquire property. What many do not know is that it is also an ideal instrument for municipal investments. As the building society of the savings banks, we have attractive product solutions for the financing of municipal building projects.

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