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Society: Living with a future
Society: Living with a future

Video: Society: Living with a future

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Video: Living in and coping with world risk society - 42nd St. Gallen Symposium 2023, February

Community living becomes attractive. Anyone building in a group or setting up a generation project with like-minded people is living a trend that is fit for the future.

Nationwide, projects are emerging that are aimed at mutual support and more cooperation. The demand for new forms of living is growing regardless of age.


For example, people of an age group or of different generations decide to move under one roof and to support each other. Everyone lives in their own apartment and you meet in group rooms for social gatherings.


Modules are also a trend, especially in metropolitan areas. Your advantage: In densely populated areas, building land is scarce and expensive - as a group, urban spaces can be better used and built more cheaply. There are privately organized projects; Housing associations and municipalities are also tackling the neighborhood idea with neighborhood meetings and social services.

Help instead of rent

The “living for help” model has also recently become established. Young people pay their rent in the form of housework. You can find information online at of the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs. The LBS Future Compass gives volunteers and those responsible in municipalities instructions on how to implement projects. You can order it or download it from

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