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Pension at 67: planning the future
Pension at 67: planning the future

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Anyone who applies for retirement benefits before the age of 67 must expect discounts soon. It is good if you have provided with a building society contract - to acquire property.

From 2012, the non-deductible retirement age will gradually be increased from 65 to 67 years - by 2029. Everyone who was born in 1964 or later must work two years longer than employees who retire today. Have to? A later retirement can also have advantages.

Win scope

A property is considered an ideal retirement provision - especially if it is paid off by retirement and the owner has more money available monthly. If you want to live in a debt-free home when you retire, you have to calculate and finance early - at the age of 35 or 40, many think. But calculations show that a later purchase of a house or apartment is also worthwhile.

Financing model

Assume that the property of your choice costs 220, 000 euros including utilities. Of this, 70, 000 euros are available as equity capital, and 150, 000 euros will be secured through a building society contract. The home savings sum can be pre-financed so that you pay monthly interest on the loan and at the same time save credit on the home savings contract.

Correctly calculated

A 45-year-old has a good 21 years to live in a debt-free property at 67. With a pre-financing model (see * here), he pays an interest and savings rate of around EUR 1, 130 per month for the first 10 to 11 years. After the home savings contract has been allocated, the monthly charge is reduced to around 900 euros.

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