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Young people: finances under control
Young people: finances under control

Video: Young people: finances under control

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How do you teach children to do household chores? What shapes your handling of money? Who is liable if they handle their pocket money carelessly?

"When our 17-year-old Leon was short of cash recently to go to the cinema with his friends, his brother Finn taught him a lesson in budget management, " laughs mother Eva Leister. The first-born, 20-year-old Merle, also considers herself fit in terms of finance. It already has its own building society contract.

Practice early

Learning how to handle money early is extremely important. There are even offers for children that lead to abuse. For example, retailers cannot always check prepaid credit cards for their credit balance. Even the clever Merle has fallen into a trap. She paid with her girocard (ec-Card), which ran on a credit basis, and got into trouble with five euros. The bank rejected the claim. Since Merle was still a minor at the time and was therefore of limited legal capacity, the dealer decided not to replace it.

Youngsters - how they assess themselves *

5% … The youngsters are of the opinion that they are "very well" familiar with financial matters.
48% … rate their own financial knowledge as "good".
43% … attest to "less good" financial competence.
33% … feel overwhelmed by the information available about financial matters.
39% … dare to explain the term company pension scheme.
36% … dare to explain the term Riester pension.
source Metal pension, TNS Infratest

* Basis: Empirical study 2010, 2, 500 people between the ages of 17 and 27 selected in Germany.

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