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LBS Future Compass: This is how generations grow together
LBS Future Compass: This is how generations grow together

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Video: Generation Z grows up 2023, February

Demographic change is rapidly changing our society and presents us with new challenges. The LBS Future Compass provides municipalities with the right solutions.

The proportion of older people in the total population is increasing - with the known effects on the job market and pension situation. Against this background, how can the quality of life in everyday life be ensured? Municipalities are required to develop creative concepts for cross-generational coexistence and to implement them with committed citizens. The "Future Compass" of the LBS that has just been published takes up the topic so far uniquely.

Find concepts

It shows existing models in a practice-oriented manner and provides instructions for municipal representatives and committed citizens. The result is a stimulating guideline on how, with a certain amount of effort, you can promote coexistence and dialogue between the generations and make it profitable for everyone.

Talk to each other

The Bertelsmann Foundation's website, for example, is one of the instruments that promote cooperation. Of the 10, 730 German cities and municipalities, 2, 940 have more than 5, 000 inhabitants. More than 85 percent of the German population live here. The guide provides recommendations for municipal work, for areas such as economy, social affairs or finance.

Promote quality of life

The Eider-Treene-Sorge development agency shows how you can bring young and old = " together, design projects together and benefit from each other's know-how - they provide suggestions such as sports clubs, church and charitable organizations and municipal offers help to connect generations and show alternatives to leisure and lifestyle.

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