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Long-term care insurance: well looked after in an emergency
Long-term care insurance: well looked after in an emergency
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Nobody likes to imagine being dependent on care at some point. But everyone should prevent so that there is no financial gap in an emergency.

A nursing home is expensive. For full inpatient care in care level III, costs of 3, 500 euros and more per month may be incurred. The statutory long-term care insurance only covers part of it, as the table shows. Those in need of care must pay the financial gap out of their own pocket. If they cannot do this, the social welfare office steps in and gets the money back if possible: from the children, spouses or grandchildren. If you don't want to let it happen, make sure you have it in good time.

Some extra

The state has been funding private supplementary insurance for long-term care since 2013. He gives a subsidy of 60 euros a year if you pay at least 10 euros a month into the so-called nursing Bahr policy. In an emergency, you can then decide for yourself what you use the care allowance for. You will receive at least 600 euros per month in care level III. The benefits in care level 0 amount to at least 10 percent of the contractually agreed monthly care allowance in care level III, in care level I at least 20 percent and in care level II at least 30 percent. More information from the Ministry of Health is available here.

No exclusion

The state-sponsored supplementary long-term care insurance does not prescribe a health check. In addition, the insurers do not charge any risk premiums and do not exclude benefits due to certain previous illnesses. However, you have to pay contributions for at least five years before you are entitled to the insurance money - unless you are in need of care due to an accident. In this case, the insurer pays immediately.

Prepare early

The amount of the premium depends on the contractually agreed services and your age of entry. If you take out insurance at a young age, you pay less than people of advanced age. The grants have an even better impact the earlier you opt for private long-term care insurance. The state funds only one contract per person. The insured person receives the allowance automatically, which means that no separate application has to be made.

Well advised

State-sponsored supplementary long-term care insurance reduces the gap in care, but often does not completely close it. Many providers such as public insurers ( also offer unsubsidized tariffs. This includes long-term care daily allowances, long-term care insurance or long-term care insurance. Get advice before graduation.

Care level inpatient care in the nursing home home care by specialist staff Care allowance for home care *
I = considerable need for care 1, 023 euros 450 euros 235 euros
II = severe need for care 1, 279 euros 1, 100 euros 440 euros
III = heaviest need for care 1, 550 euros, in cases of hardship 1, 918 euros 1, 550 euros, in cases of hardship 1, 918 euros 700 euro

* by caregivers such as relatives, friends, neighbors

Source: Federal Ministry of Health

Care level for dementia Benefits in kind per month Care allowance per month
Care level 0 225 euros 120 euros
Care level I 665 euros 305 euros
Care level II 1, 250 euros 525 euros
Care level III 1, 550 euros, in cases of hardship 1, 981 euros 700 euro

Changes are planned for January 1, 2015.

Among other things, the first Care Strengthening Act provides for benefits for those in need of care and their relatives to be expanded. In addition, according to the draft law, a nursing care fund is to be set up. You can find information here.

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