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Prices rise: apartments disappear
Prices rise: apartments disappear

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It is becoming increasingly difficult to find an affordable rental apartment in big cities. Not just because prices are rising. The supply of free rental apartments has shrunk significantly.

It is not easy for anyone looking for a rental apartment these days. Rents have increased on average by more than ten percent (nationwide since 2010). Renting an apartment in Berlin today costs as much as 26 percent, the institute for German business said. But that's not all: fewer and fewer rental apartments are ever coming onto the market. In spring 2015, the Hamburg-based research and consulting institute F + B counted more than one million rental apartment offers nationwide on real estate portals online. In autumn 2016 there were only 668, 000 objects. The supply volume has shrunk by a good third.

Rising rents are one reason for this development. With new leases, the price per square meter often increases, and every move increases the cost of housing. "Many tenants in the economic centers do not move, even though they are unsatisfied with their living situation, " explains Manfred Neuhöfer, regional manager at F + B. The fewer people move, the fewer rental apartments are available.

Apartments go in big citiesincreasingly away from hand


There is still fluctuation in the cities. People buy home, couples move in, and others leave the city. “But since the introduction of the ordering principle, landlords have increasingly given up their vacant apartments,” observes Neuhöfer. Many owners then simply feel overwhelmed by the rush of prospective customers. “In large cities, rental apartments are therefore increasingly going hand in hand. Previous tenants simply look for their successors themselves and propose them to the landlord,”real estate expert Neuhöfer explains.

More and more tenants are fleeing to the countryside who can no longer afford the prices in the cities. As a result, rents in rural areas are now also increasing in rural areas. The Lower Saxony districts of Vechta, Gifhorn and Friesland, for example, are severely affected, as determined by the Federal Institute for Building, Urban and Spatial Research. Nevertheless, regions continue to exist in which housing costs tend to decrease. Even in the vicinity of metropolises, people looking for a flat can sometimes find cheaper municipalities, Neuhöfer notes: "For example, in Brandenburg at the new Berlin airport." Most people prefer not to live in the aisle.

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