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5-minute check: Rent out holiday homes profitably
5-minute check: Rent out holiday homes profitably
Video: 5-minute check: Rent out holiday homes profitably
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Anyone who invests in a holiday apartment creates additional income thanks to rental income. In order for purchase and rental to pay off, however, owners have to consider a few things.

1. Where are the best locations for holiday homes?

On the North and Baltic Sea coasts, Bavarian Lakes and Lake Constance, apartments with sea and lake views offer secure income. However, they are significantly more expensive than objects in the second row. Tip: In popular regions, switch to lesser-known places that have good transport links, restaurants, shops and leisure activities.

2. Does the size of the holiday home matter?

85 percent of the tenants travel with the family, sometimes even with a dog, and need space accordingly. Vacation apartments with an area between 50 and 70 square meters and two bedrooms as well as vacation houses with 80 to 100 square meters and three bedrooms are particularly in demand. Depending on the location, these can be rented profitably all year round.

3. What do tenants of a house or apartment value?

Guests prefer objects with extras such as WiFi, a fully equipped kitchen, sauna or fireplace. If you know your main target group, consider their requirements: This is how cyclists look forward to a bicycle shed. Modern furniture is a must. They should be robust so that changing guests do not wear them out too quickly.

4. Who takes care of guests and property?

Successful vacation rental is a full-time job. If you do not live on site, you should hire a local service provider to market the apartment and take care of organizational matters such as booking inquiries, key handover and cleaning. The full service costs about 20 percent of the rental income.

5. Are there special rules for holiday homes abroad?

Yes. In many southern European countries, a sales contract is binding even without a notarial certification - in Spain, the verbal commitment is sufficient. Therefore, never conduct negotiations without an independent interpreter and have bills of sale drawn up. In the case of new buildings, check the building permit and consult an appraiser.

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