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Building in the urban area
Building in the urban area

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Building in urban areas is becoming increasingly attractive, especially for families. According to the real estate market report, the population in the areas around Germany's largest cities has already increased by four to five percent.

Building in urban areas is the only way for many families today to fulfill the dream of their own four walls. The reason for this is the high real estate prices in the cities, which many can no longer handle. “Especially for families who are looking for a little more space, it is difficult to find a suitable property and then be able to afford it. This is especially true for the metropolitan areas, where affordable living space is particularly scarce,”explains Joachim Klein from LBS.

Nevertheless, most Germans want their own home. According to the trend indicator 2018, three quarters of Germans consider their own property to be a secure pension, and for around two thirds (64 percent) it is even the best. One possible reason for the positive picture is the low interest rates, which are currently making it easier to jump into your own home.

The urban area and what it offers

Anyone who builds in the surrounding area does not have to do without the conveniences of city life. The areas around larger cities are convincing today with a particularly good infrastructure. There are enough schools, shops and good transport links that will take you quickly to the conurbation if necessary.

More and more people seem to appreciate the offer of the surrounding urban area, because the areas around Berlin and Munich grew by more than 5.5 percent between 2010 and 2015.

Most importantly, the fact that the range of single-family houses there is significantly more extensive than in cities. In general, the plots are also larger and you get more for your money. On average, buyers pay around half as much for a piece of land in the “bacon belts” as in the big city. It gets even cheaper if you move further away from the metropolitan areas.

Durchschnittspreis pro Quadratmeter Bauland in Euro
Durchschnittspreis pro Quadratmeter Bauland in Euro

Building land in Munich is in great demand. This is made clear by the high prices. So the land values ​​for the entire urban area of ​​Munich rose by an average of 25 percent.

Photo: LBS

Funding opportunities

In addition to the planned construction child benefit, which is intended to support families in the first purchase of residential property, government grants such as residential Riester contracts also help. While the construction child benefit is tied to an income limit of 75, 000 euros, there is no limit for the residential Riester. In addition, the contract runs practically indefinitely.

Good to know: The Bauspar contract is the only Riester product that is supported in both the savings and loan phases. Wohn-Riester therefore helps twice: The support supports savings and later lowers the financing burden, because with every additional euro that goes into repayment, the owner saves loan interest and is quicker to settle debts.

Expert interview

Future homeowners will have to decide: to live in an urban or rural area? Both have their charms and the home not only offers a safe “roof over your head, but also becomes an important center of life. Professor Dr. In an interview, Frank Brettschneider from the University of Hohenheim explains which factors play a role in choosing where to live.

Professor Brettschneider, in your study “Does home ownership make you happy? “They found that having your own four walls makes you happy. Why is that?

Two factors are important: first, the feeling of security; you are no longer dependent on a landlord. Second, the opportunity to live a self-determined life. You can design your own four walls according to your own ideas. Homeowners perceive both more than tenants. And both promote people's happiness - in addition to health and partnership.

To what extent does the living situation influence the feeling of happiness or life?

The more satisfied people are with their living situation, the happier they are. And satisfaction with the living situation mainly depends on the size of the apartment, the price and the equipment. But the relationship with the neighbors, the parking situation and the transport connection are also important.

City or surrounding area - what advantages do the respective residential areas offer in your view?

Different people have very different preferences. Many prefer a quiet location. Then the surrounding area offers advantages. But only if there is a good shopping infrastructure and good transport connections. This is the case in the city, but it is less quiet and the prices are usually higher.

What questions should future homeowners ask themselves when choosing where to live?

Above all, they should clarify for themselves what is particularly important to them in their future place of residence. What advantages should it have? And which aspects play a subordinate role? And they should realistically assess their financial options. The most beautiful home becomes a burden if the rates cannot be paid.

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