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What type of house are you?
What type of house are you?

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What type of house are you? Have you just completed your apprenticeship and your first job? Are you a young family or an established one? Are your children out of the house and you are planning to retire? And: what can you afford? Depending on which phase you are in, various things may suit you.

The buyer types

In addition to personal ideas, many desires are shared by many. The market research institute Empirica investigated this on behalf of the LBS and came to the conclusion that the property buyers are divided into different types of buyers. City - country, build - buy, big - small, sooner or later? A house for life or different, depending on the phase of life? Seven types can be filtered out. Compare: Which buyer style suits you?

1. The rational buyer

This guy buys his first property when he starts work - often a condominium. Solitary or as a childless double earner, he prefers to put the rent into financing right from the start, even if the property is initially small. Later it becomes the basis for something bigger - for comfortable living, perhaps with a family.

2. The switch

Earning well early on, this guy first steps on the gas in all areas, including leisure, then disciplines himself through property, thereby setting the course for wealth accumulation. Later, often with a family, he buys or builds a larger building and rents the first property.

3. The pragmatic buyer

The higher qualified double earners give the job a central position, want to be mobile and free for a long time. They only settle when they are 40, 50 years old. In the meantime, they will save assets, afford an attractive city apartment or a central old building.

Frau zeigt auf ein Wohngebäude
Frau zeigt auf ein Wohngebäude

The job plays a major role for the pragmatic buyer. Therefore, he lives as centrally as possible.

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4. The stage buyer

This type of buyer shows it. Mostly academics, 35 to 40 years old, he is in the middle of his career. Youngsters make the city apartment cramped. But instead of paying expensive rent in the center, he buys a functional family home on the outskirts or in a well connected community. He doesn't tie himself emotionally, sells or rents the easier when a job is waiting in another city.

5. The nest builder

They live in a fairly small apartment before the children are born and both work to build a solid financial foundation. The goal of “family with children” is to have a family home that is as free-standing and well planned as possible. They associate a lot of feeling with their house on the outskirts and stay there permanently.

6. The self-actualizer

If the children stand on their own two feet, they can be realized in their dream home. Basic stock: an earlier property that they are not attached to. Now they want to realize your wishes, put on a pen and drill, gladly in an old building in need of renovation, which they lovingly restore.

7. The retiree

The advance planners particularly appreciate good accessibility, no thresholds and a close infrastructure. Often without children, at most with one child, they first place great value on flexibility for the job, but later want a nest for old age.

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