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Top up the roof for more living space
Top up the roof for more living space
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Raising the roof means new living space: A study has now shown that millions of new apartments can be created above the big cities.

Raising the roof is still a rare procedure at the moment, but in the future it may be an important way to stop dwindling living space. More and more people dream of a modern apartment in the heart of the city. Finding such a property can be a real challenge, because the property market is swept empty, especially in the attractive metropolises. And yet there is a solution: numerous buildings can be extended by adding another floor. The Technical University (TU) Darmstadt has shown in a study: More than 1.5 million additional apartments can still be built in metropolitan areas.

116 million square meters of additional living space

For their study, the scientists only looked at the living space reserve of apartment buildings in growing regions. "The potential is enormous, " says study author Karsten Tichelmann, professor of building physics at the TU Darmstadt. The post-war buildings in the city centers in particular offer areas for expansion. By adding 580, 000 houses from 1950 to 1989 on the roof, 1.12 million apartments can be created. 420, 000 more could be built on buildings built before 1950. With an average living space of 75 square meters, this adds up to 116 million square meters of additional living space - and that in very popular inner-city locations. "When selecting the buildings that could be added, we have already taken monument protection and the preservation of the cityscape into account, " assures Professor Tichelmann.

Raising the roof protects green spaces

Loft conversions offer many advantages. No additional building land is required. The further sealing of open or green areas can be avoided. The necessary infrastructure for sewer and supply lines is already in place. Federal Minister for Building Barbara Hendricks speaks of "moderate compression". A building law amendment that was recently passed lowers the hurdles for loft conversions and roof extensions in urban areas.

Raising the roof has other advantages

Large housing groups are already using this opportunity to create additional rental properties. Corporations of owners can also expand or top up their roofs, emphasizes Corinna Merzyn, managing director of the Association of Private Building Owners (VPB). “The space gained on large houses can be sold. With the proceeds, the communities can finance renovations and renovations,”is their advice. In the course of a due roof renovation of older buildings from 1950 onwards, it is worth considering such a construction measure. The residents living directly below also benefit from another floor. According to the TU Darmstadt, their energy consumption is reduced by up to fifty percent after the increase.

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