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This is how property owners find reliable tenants
This is how property owners find reliable tenants

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Anyone who finances a rental apartment is dependent on regular rental income. It is all the more important to find a reliable and solvent tenant.

Vacant rental apartments are in short supply, especially in large cities. Dozens of interested parties often respond to an advertisement. Finding the right tenant is a particular challenge. A person looking for a flat cannot tell whether someone always pays their rent on time. Before you rent out your property, carefully research your applicants.

Obtain self-disclosure

As a landlord, you can obtain tenant self-assessment and ask your potential tenant about their job, employer and income situation. Ask for up-to-date wages or salary records that support regular income. Students and trainees often have very low incomes. In these cases, you can, for example, agree that the applicant provides a surety.

Check creditworthiness

Has the prospect paid his rent so far? Or did he accumulate rent debts? Is there even personal bankruptcy? A credit report provides clarity, for example at Schufa, which requires the prospective tenant's written consent. "Landlords have a legitimate interest in obtaining such information - also within the meaning of the Federal Data Protection Act", explains Alexander Wiech, managing director of the Haus und Grund owner association. "Because the landlord bears the economic default risk if the tenant does not pay the agreed rent."

Check identity

You certainly don't want someone to move into your home under a false name. Let prospective customers show their ID and check whether it is still valid. "Fraudsters and rental nomads are more likely to avoid revealing their identities and are often not reported to the local authorities, " Wiech says.

Exclude rent debts

In many large cities, it is common for tenants to present a so-called rent debt exemption certificate from their previous landlord. This confirms that the rent has always been paid on time. However, the previous lessor is not obliged to issue this proof. "If the tenant is unable to present such a certificate, it does not mean that he paid unreliably, " Wiech points out. On the other hand, such a certificate does not guarantee that the tenant is really reliable. Sometimes landlords only issue the certificate to get rid of the tenant quickly, precisely because of problems. If you have any doubts: ask for the address of the previous tenant and contact him personally.

Activate broker

Anyone who has ever looked for a suitable tenant on their own quickly realizes that the effort is higher than expected. The owner not only has to place advertisements, organize viewing appointments and conduct selection interviews. An energy certificate often has to be obtained. All of this takes time and nerves, requires experience and basic legal knowledge. Anyone who delegates these tasks to a broker has more peace of mind for the essentials: choosing a reliable tenant who not only pays his rent on a regular basis, but who always treats your home with care.

Don't! The biggest mistakes in renting

Finding the right tenant is not easy. In order not to experience any nasty surprises, you should avoid these traps:

  • If you are nice, you can move in

    The prospect who you find the nicest is not necessarily the best candidate. It is more important that he can pay the rent and that he can do business with him.

  • Rent to friends

    Do not mix private and business. Your rental return is in the foreground, friendly help is out of place here.

    Also unfavorable: leasing to work colleagues.

  • Don't know who's moving in

    Get to know all family members who want to move in with you. This way you can get a better picture of your future tenants.

  • Let yourself be caught off guard

    If a subsequent tenant is advertised to you, check it carefully. You alone decide who can live in your property.

  • Fail to ask these questions

    Why do you want to give up the old apartment? What profession do you have and for how long? Would you like to keep animals? How many people should move in?

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