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Lost key - what to do?
Lost key - what to do?
Video: Lost key - what to do?

Key lost? Not only is that annoying, it can also be expensive. Anyone who, after an extensive search, decides that he can no longer find the key must act quickly.

Losing a key is unpleasant. You search and search, but at some point it is clear that he will probably no longer appear. Now it's time to act quickly.

Where was the last lost key seen?

Before you panic yourself and your fellow human beings unnecessarily, you should think carefully about where you last saw your key. Is he still in the car? Did you put it in an unusual place or forget it at work? With the slightest guess, it can also be helpful to repeat the route covered. Perhaps you have lost the key unnoticed. In addition, ask at the lost property office and, if necessary, the police - maybe it was even handed over.

Stolen key

Anyone who has fallen victim to a pickpocket will quickly notice that in addition to the wallet and all cards, there is a high probability that the key is missing. In this case, it is important to report the matter to the police immediately. Because there is a risk that the thief can use your ID to find out where you live and then have access to the house.

Who pays the damage if the keys are lost?

Anyone who has taken out liability insurance can breathe a sigh of relief, because most of these contracts include key insurance. But you can also take out key insurance policies that vary depending on the provider.

Anyone who lives in an apartment building should make sure that not only the apartment lock, but the entire locking system is insured. There are also other regulations for master keys, which you should find out about.

Private keys such as keys for rental or condominiums are secured in most top tariffs. It is different with professional keys. You must take out additional insurance for these. This can be particularly important for people who, for example, have an access key as employees in public institutions.

Expert advice: what to do if apartment keys are lost?

Rolf Janßen, Managing Director of DMB Mieterschutzverein Frankfurt am Main, explains what to do if you lose your apartment key.

Rolf Janßen, Geschäftsführer DMB Mieterschutzverein Frankfurt
Rolf Janßen, Geschäftsführer DMB Mieterschutzverein Frankfurt

"Anyone who loses the apartment key as a tenant must not simply have a new one made, " the expert knows.

Photo: DMB Tenant Protection Association Frankfurt / Main

An apartment key is quickly lost. What should tenants do then?

If the key is gone, the tenant must inform his landlord. Because the apartment key is the property of the landlord. Even if the tenant wants to have a copy of the key made, he should always let the landlord know. After all, the owner wants to know how many keys to his property are in circulation.

Can the landlord have the lock replaced at the tenant's expense?

Under certain circumstances, the landlord can even demand that the tenant pay for the replacement of the entire locking system of an apartment building. The bill for this can add up to several thousand euros. However, the tenant only has to pay compensation if he is responsible for the loss of the key - for example through his own negligence. Then at least he has to replace the key. The lock or even the entire locking system can only be replaced if there is a specific risk of misuse, for example if there is a fear that an unauthorized person could use the key to get into the house, apartment or garage. For example, there is no danger if the key has fallen into a river.

How can you protect yourself from the financial consequences of losing a key?

We recommend extending the liability insurance (which every tenant should have) with a key insurance. It steps in with such damage. Protection for the loss of keys to rental apartments, so-called "private third-party keys", is already included in some premium tariffs. However, a deductible is common. A look at the insurance policy provides clarity here.

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